Features and Faces

Welcome brace souls. I have been very busy lately so there has been a lack of posts last week and I want to say that whenever I may miss a post I will make up for it whenever I have time. Aside from that lets get to the drawing for this week. This is a drawing of a young man who becomes a knight and it shows the two sides of who he is. I have been working hard trying to create some faces for my characters and trying to create creases on clothes to give them some weight. For the face I had a difficulty doing detailed eyes so I drew circles for the eyes with lines above them for eyebrows and I drew basic outlines for the face in a seemingly cartoony fashion which I think is perfectly fine, because I think some of the most simple things can be very powerful to the viewer, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try to improve and show My royal subjects some more detailed faces. I drew the cloths with lines diagonally on most of the outside of the cloths and some lines that extend just a little off the limb and extend down and merges with the cloths to make a folded look to them, this is one of the few times I have done folded cloths and it was a time consuming process because I tried dozens of possibilities till I stayed with the one I liked best and that is just what experimenting is trial and error. Since this is the tenth post I have made on this blog I have an interesting surprise that I have wanted to share with all of you, that the boy in the drawing is to be the main character in the comic I am planning to make in the not so distant future, and hope that all of you brave souls look forward to it as much as I am. As always please leave a comment on what you think of my drawing and don’t be afraid to leave a suggestion for next weeks post In the comment section.


King Mathias

DSC07936 copy 2


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