The King Has Returned!!!

Welcome brave souls. I have finally returned, For those of you who did not know, I was away for a month on a vacation in Europe. Anyways while I was in Europe I had visited lots of amazing museums that had the most epic medieval armour and weapons, which made me feel like a kid in a candy shop, so I have been practicing my drawing throughout my trip and with a little inspiration I have chronicled my return with a fully armoured king and dismounting his trusty steed. Pardon the lack of lower limbs in this drawing, I am still working on getting leg proportions right, but I promise all of you that I will try my best and fix that soon. I am also incredibly proud of this drawing because it is the second horse I have ever drawn in my life and I think it turned out beautifully, I also think that this might be the best of my more realistic knight drawings. Finally I have to say that its good to be back and I hope you guys enjoy this drawing. As always please leave a comment on what you think of my drawing and don’t be afraid to leave a suggestion for next weeks post In the comment section.


King Mathias

The King Has Returned


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