A Bright and Colourful Day

Welcome brave souls. Today I have brought to you another suggested drawing, yesterday thanks to a little bird called Sabrillu who told me that they wanted to see a coloured drawing, well now I have drawn for all of you a fully coloured goblin warrior. I know what your thinking, my colouring is hideous, well to be honest I never really colour any of my drawings, it is not out of dislike of colouring, but it is that I like to shade in black and white, but today I have expanded my horizons and learned to improve on my colouring work for future drawings. I especially tried not to colour everything so there would be spots of highlights to compensate for the shadows of darker colour. As always please leave a comment on what you think of my drawing and don’t be afraid to leave a suggestion for next weeks post In the comment section.


King Mathias



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