Dragons, Shading, and Overcoming Fears

Welcome brave souls. I have been thinking, since my last post was of a princess, then I might as well show you guys the inevitable dragon. So here you have it a fairly generic dragon ready to kidnap princesses any day of the week. Fun fact as many of you may now know by looking at this drawing I absolutely LOVE to draw dragons because I love stories about medieval fantasy. I have also wanted to show you guys how I do a bit of shading for some of my drawings, I mostly but not entirely do shading on monster drawings because they usually have simpler designs and shapes that are easier to shade, I was always a bit scared of heavily shading my drawings because I always found it hard to erase the shading when you have made a mistake and was worried about ruining my drawings. Yes I said it, even the mighty king Mathias has his fears, but I decree that through time I shall overcome my fear and bring to you brave souls a fully shaded drawing. As always please leave a comment on what you think of my drawing and don’t be afraid to leave a suggestion for next weeks post In the comment section.


King Mathias



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